English Consultation Room

Get advice on how to study English


At the English Consultation Room (ECR), students can receive advice concerning English self-study in a 30-minute session with an adviser. Topics for support include how to study English, how to use self-access center facilities, and how to plan independent study. Appointments can be made online using the PLAS website. The ECR is located in the WLC Lounge 2F, inside SPACe next to the Chit Chat Club. Come and visit the ECR to find out how to improve your English study habits and achieve your goals!


Open Time

Please check the digital signage in the WLC Lounge or PLAS website


30 minutes per session

How to register

Online reservation or waiting list sign-up needed


Program Online Reservation

To reserve for each program, log in on the Portal site (PLAS), then click ツールリンク集. Choose the program you want to reserve and make a reservation. Reservations are available until 9 am of the actual day. No reservations are needed for the Global Village.




Please make a reservation through a computer (not a mobile phone) for the first appointment. If you want to cancel your appointment, please do so by 9:00 a.m. on the day of appointment. Please note that if you miss your appointment, you will not be able to make another appointment for two weeks.


English Consultation Room Reservation (For PC)
English Consultation Room Reservation (For Mobile)